Hardware Engineer

Education Level:College degree or above Contact Information:
Number of Recruits:15 Salary Treatment:
Work Place:5th Floor, Block B, Unisplendour Information Harbor, Langshan Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Validity Period:2019-06-30


1.Be responsible for the hardware’s design and development and assist with the PCB board’s design, pre-production, and processing.

2.Own the overall design, components selection, schematic diagram design, debugging, testing, and maintenance tasks according to the project requirements and guarantee design quality.

3.Write and edit the required documents and standard materials in a timely manner.


1.Majors related to power electronics, electricity, automation, and control. Bachelor’s degree with 3 years working experience or master’s degree with 2 years working experience is preferred.

2.Demonstrated in-depth technical knowledge of power electronics principles and concepts. Good at things.

3.Preferred development experience with power electronics such as communication power supply, convertor, UPS, DC power supply, and welding machine.

4.Ability to independently perform power board debugging and overall device debugging and solve problems that occur during development.

If you are interested in the position, please send your resume