Test Engineer

Education Level:Junior college or above Contact Information:
Number of Recruits:10 Salary Treatment:
Work Place:5th Floor,Block B Unisplendour Information Harbor,Langshan Road, Shenzhen, China Validity Period:2019-06-30


1. Responsible for testing in new product development phase.

2. Independently complete new product function test, reliability test, environmental test, EMC test, test report collation, device reduction and life calculation.

3. Provide technical support for departmental testing, update testing methods, introduce new standards and start training.

4. Coordinate testing work and build test platform.


1. College degree or above, electronic information engineering, automation or related electronics.

2. Be familiar with digital, analog circuits and related electronic knowledge.

3. Familiar with, understand the principle of switching power supply, have a certain understanding of power supply topology, understand the relevant test items of switching power supply.

4. can skillfully use oscilloscope, multimeter, electric iron and other tools.

5. Strong practical ability, active work and team spirit.

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