Overseas sales manager

Education Level:Junior college or above Contact Information:
Number of Recruits:5 Salary Treatment:
Work Place:5th Floor,Block B Unisplendour Information Harbor,Langshan Road, Shenzhen, China Validity Period:2019-06-30


1. According to the company's annual sales target of industrial power products, plan and carry out effective marketing strategies and sales behavior to support the implementation and completion of sales targets.

2. Responsible for collecting and sorting out market and customer information and developing customer resources.

3. Be responsible for the sales of overseas markets, and implement the sales plan, complete the whole process of sales from order to refund.

4. Provide and update periodically relevant regional market analysis and marketing strategy reports (including regional market demand products, sales prices, competitors, sales channels, marketing progress, 

project revenue, etc.) according to overseas market sales situation.

5. Other tasks assigned by superiors.


1. Bachelor degree or above, English can be used as working language.

2. Over 2 years working experience as an overseas sales manager; sales experience in industrial products is preferred.

3. with the ability to expand the market, organization and coordination ability, good at capturing market opportunities.

4. Strong dedication and good professional ethics.

5. Open-minded, active, diligent, passionate, with the conviction of triumph, accept win-win values, accept short-term overseas travel.

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