Structural design engineer

Education Level:Junior college or above Contact Information:
Number of Recruits:3 Salary Treatment:
Work Place:5th Floor,Block B Unisplendour Information Harbor,Langshan Road, Shenzhen, China Validity Period:2019-06-30


1 .undertake the structural design of new products and the whole process design task.

2 .participate in the construction of technology platform.

3 .deal with the structural problems of pilot production and mass production.


1. Mechanical and related majors;

2. More than two years working experience, with product development experience in power supply and other products will be preferred.

3. Proficient in mechanical design related software.

4. Familiar with the design of sheet metal parts, plastic parts, die castings and machine parts, understand the processing technology and assembly process of the whole machine;

5. Familiar with structural development process, strong communication skills and team spirit.

If you are interested in the position, please send your resume