Highly coordinated strategy and adhere to the bottom line of quality | Megmeet and Absen formally sign a strategic cooperation agreement


On November 10, 2020, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Megmeet and Absen was successfully held at Absen’s headquarters in Shenzhen Bantian Huawei Base Tianan Yungu. Mr. Ding Yanhui, Chairman of Absen, Ms. Li Wen, COO, Ms. Luo Yanjun, President of Display BG, Mr. Shi Changjin, General Manager of Technology Innovation Center, Dr. Tong Yongsheng, Chairman of Megmeet, Mr. Wang Tao, Chief Financial Officer, General Manager of Display Power Division Senior leaders such as Mr. Lan Yumin and Mr. Wang Yongfeng, deputy general manager of the Display Power Division attended the signing ceremony.



At present, the market price of display power supply varies greatly, and the quality of products is also uneven. The safety of use cannot be guaranteed. Megmeet gave Absen the best choice. In the future, the two parties will rely on their respective technologies, brands, platforms and other experience and advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation from multiple dimensions such as strategic positioning, products, and technology, calling on the industry to pay attention to quality and jointly promote the industry's standards for power use.


At the signing ceremony, Absen Chairman Ding Yanhui pointed out:

No matter what product, safety is the bottom line! In recent years, LED display fires have occurred frequently, seriously threatening the safety of users' lives and property. As a result, power problems are the main cause.

Through the evaluation of electromagnetic radiation, safety regulations, cost control, etc., Megmeet's power supply fully meets the Absen standard. The Megmeet R&D team upholds the consistently high requirements for power supplies, and has the characteristics of "high efficiency, low loss, compliance with safety regulations, and technology", which is what Absen needs to adhere to quality.


Dr. Tong Yongsheng, Chairman of Megmeet, said at the ceremony:

The epidemic has brought a great impact on the market, but it is also an industry innovation. The epidemic has eliminated many companies that do not pay attention to quality management.

In the post-epidemic era, the market will rebound rapidly. As the leading companies in their respective fields, Absen and Megmeet must have confidence, make strategic reserves, and continue to adhere to the construction of quality, management and internal processes. The two parties exchange needs, complement each other, fully tap the potential of cooperation, and share brand effects.


Adhering to the vision of "becoming the industry's first-class provider of electrical control and energy-saving solutions", Megmeet has been pursuing innovation and leadership in products and technology, quality first, thinking about what customers think, and constantly providing customers with more satisfactory services. As "China's No. 1 Power Supply Brand", a team of doctoral experts headed by Chairman Dr. Yongsheng Tong has been deeply involved in the development of the industry for many years, focusing on technological improvement, relying on advanced technology and high-quality quality, and this year is shortlisted for the 2019 Global Power Supply Supplier TOP15 list: OEM power supply is ranked 11th in global sales, and OEM and Telecom power supply is ranked 12th in global sales.


Megmeet has established a good cooperative relationship with Absen since 2017. The establishment of this strategic partnership is the deepening of the two parties based on the successful experience of long-term cooperation in the past, and will also open a new chapter of cooperation! The two sides join forces to give play to their respective advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. In the future, we will also work together to adhere to the bottom line of quality, and strive to build "the most safety-conscious LED display brand" to create more value for customers and consumers.