"Technology Unbounded, Create the Future" MEGMEET 2020 Global Technology Summit ended successfully


From December 28th to 29th, the two-day MEGMEET 2020 Global Technology Summit was successfully held in Shenzhen Qingqing World, with more than 120 group divisions, subsidiaries, and shareholding companies from all over the world (some overseas experts participated online) Experts attended the meeting.


Group photo of leaders and experts attending the meeting

The theme of this summit is "Creating the Future with Unbounded Technology", which aims to promote exchanges, create and strengthen the Group's technology platform construction.Up to now, Megmeet has developed into a group company with more than 1,000 R&D personnel and nine R&D centers around the world. The products of each business unit involve smart home appliances, industrial power supplies, industrial automation, rail transit, new energy, smart manufacturing, etc. Many fields,However, the core technology mostly revolves around power electronics, and is related to power conversion, control technology, and mechatronics control. The exchange and coordination of technologies between different units is of great significance.


conference site

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Zhi, COO of Megmeet, delivered a speech for the summit.Mr. Zhang first interpreted the "technology" of the conference theme. It not only refers to the "technology" at the R&D level, but also the "skills" at the manufacturing level. There is no boundary. R&D and manufacturing are the core competitiveness of Megmeet. Because of the organic combination of R&D and manufacturing,Megmeet has won the trust of many customers;Mr. Zhang pointed out that the company has experienced rapid development over the past ten years since its establishment, and many business units have achieved effective breakthroughs from zero to one, but we should focus on the future and think about how to complete the transformation from one to ten.Mr. Zhang expects that we will continue to leverage platform advantages, strengthen resource integration, and continue to promote technological innovation and industrial integration.Mr. Zhang emphasized that we will continue to strengthen cultural construction, get closer to customers, clarify the real needs of customers, make products that customers really need, blur service boundaries, and provide timely and professional services.


Speech by COO Mr. Zhang Zhi

Shen Chuchun, CTO of Megmeet, made a report entitled "Product Platform and Technology Roadmap Planning",he emphasized the importance of the technology platform to the company's development, exemplified the significant advantages of platform-based products in development cycle, quality and cost control, and gave a detailed introduction on the construction of CBB modules and future technology evolution.The company will continue to introduce products with higher performance and more cost advantages, and more empowerment for customers and partners.


CTO Shen Chuchun report

Dr. Liao, general manager of the drive company, and more than ten experts from Shenzhen, Xi'an, Wuhan, Zhuzhou, Germany, and Sweden shared cutting-edge technologies in their respective fields, including circuit topology, simulation technology, and testing methods. Participants all expressed that they have gained a lot, and the sharing of experts has a very good reference for the follow-up product development and project management.


Report from Dr.Liao, General Manager of Drive Technology

Mr.Li , general manager of Zhuzhou manufacturing base, Wang Zhiwen, executive deputy general manager, and Hu Hengliang, deputy general manager, introduced the development of the Megmeet manufacturing platform. Megmeet's manufacturing has initially achieved lean, informatized, and automated manufacturing, and will continue to deepen in the future Research, with the goal of ensuring quality, improving efficiency, and reducing costs, and constantly align with global benchmark manufacturing companies.


Sharing by Mr.Li , General Manager of Zhuzhou Base

Mr. Xu, deputy general manager of the group and chief representative of the Beijing representative office, shared the benefits of marketing platform sharing to group customer expansion and service response, and encouraged everyone to implement technology platform sharing to truly create value for the development of the group.

Executive Vice President Zhao Yingjun and colleagues from the Information Center and Public Affairs Department made notifications and requirements on the group’s intermediate and senior professional titles, intellectual property rights, and scientific and technological project declarations. In recent years, the company’s performance in professional titles and project declarations has made great progress, but there are still improvements. Space, Mr. Zhao asked all business units of the group to pay more attention to this, to have more outstanding talents and project output, and to enhance the company's comprehensive strength.


Executive Deputy General Manager Zhao Yingjun shared

Finally, several leaders presented awards to the business units that won the 2020 "Science and Technology Project Application Award", "Patent Award", and "Excellent Project Award".


CTO Mr. Shen presented awards to the winners of the "Science and Technology Project Application Award"


Executive Vice President Zhao presented awards to the winners of the "Patent Award"


COO Mr. Zhang presented awards to the winners of the "Excellent Project Award"

This technology summit allowed Megmeet's powerful technology platform to be displayed, communicated, and integrated, and provided ideas for future product planning, program selection, and process management of various business units. Looking to the future, all Megmeet'family will continue to uphold the core values of "leading, cooperation, openness, and innovation", carry forward the "craftsmanship spirit", create a wheat ecosystem, and create tens of billions of wheat!