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The rail transit industry of Zhuzhou is facing great benefits. Recently, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission announced the first batch of "Manufacturing Innovation Centers of Hunan Province". Zhuzhou Guochuang Rail Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guochuang Rail Company") becomes a "Manufacturing Innovation Center (Advanced Rail Transit Equipment) of Hunan Province". It is in the first batch of enterprises and is the sole certified enterprise in Hunan Province. At present, the company is actively applying for and upgrading to "National Manufacturing Innovation Center", and speeds up the construction of "innovation leader" of advanced rail transit equipment in China.


Registered and founded in January 2018, Guochuang Rail Company is very young, but it has influential background: With registered capital of RMB 480 million, it was jointly established by 12 enterprises and institues, including CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd., CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd, CRRC Zhuzhou Holdings, Zhuzhou SAH, Zhuzhou Hi-Tech, Tsinghua Research Institute, Lince Holdings, Zhuzhou Gofront Equipment, Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd., Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. and Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd.


What does the company do? According to relevant regulations, the Manufacturing Innovation Center of Hunan Province is established in the form of "Operating Company + Industrial Alliance". After the "Manufacturing Innovation Center (Advanced Rail Transit Equipment) of Hunan Province" was approved, its industrial alliance is the Hunan United Rail Transit Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Center Alliance, and the operating company is Zhuzhou Guochuang Rail Technology Co., Ltd. In view of the important demands for the innovative development of advanced rail transit equipment industry, Guochuang Rail Company will carry out collaborative innovation, mainly undertake 5 main functions, including research and development of frontier and common technologies, development and testing of public service standards for the innovation of rail transit equipment manufacturing industry, technology transfer and diffusion and first commercialization, innovative talent team building, and international communication and cooperation.


Guochuang Rail Company is situated in Zhigu Phase II, Tianxin High-tech Park 

In fact, as early as 2015, the "Made in China 2025" issued by the State Council clearly put forward five major projects, one of which is to establish manufacturing innovation centers in ten major areas such as advanced rail transit equipment. As the most developed region of rail transit equipment industry in China, our city has been vigorously implementing the capacity building project of manufacturing innovation centers since 2016 after it was approved to establish "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city cluster. 

After being certified as provincial manufacturing innovation center, Guochuang Railway Company has carried out research on unmanned driving technology, new energy power package integration technology, 3D printing technology, simulation technology, big data and intelligent technology, and electrified carbon skateboard materials. Some projects are expected to be commercialized within this year.

Source: Published by reporter of Zhuzhou 

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