Electric Vehicle on-board Charger MVAC33620

Electric Vehicle on-board Charger MVAC33620

A intelligent, high efficiency,high power density and compact On board charger

Wide AC input range and DC output range is applicable to all kinds of passager car and commercial vehicle. 

Automatically adjust the current and voltage parameter according to the data provided by BMS and excute charging operation. Real-time monitoring and self-diagonsis. 

Coolant cooling. Full on board components enable to satisfy the requirements of high temperature, vibration, high reliability and EMC.

Product overview Product parameters


    Small size,in light weight, high power density, save the space for intergrated design. Meet the client's demanding requirements of weigth and size.

    Have the full function of input over/under voltage, output over current/short circuit protection, over temperature protection. 

    Communicate with VCU, BMS through CAN Bus. Upload working status of charger, working parameter and alarm information. Accept start or stop charge command. 

    Have flame retardant function by the flameresistant material. 

    Withstand voltage grade, insulation grade, EMC and mechanical vibration meet the standards of  electric vehicle charger technology.

    High accuracy of stabilized voltage and current. Converter efficiency up to 96%. 

    Industry leading active PFC technology. Input PF up to 0.99. THD≤5%. 

    Built-in anti-reverse protection. Automatically isolated when failed

AC Input

Other Features

Voltage Single phase 90~264Vac (Rated 220Vac
Efficiency         EFF≥94%, Peak 96%<220VAC, P0≥3300W,V0>310V
Frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Isolation 2828VDC-Input to output≤10mA
Power factor >0.99@full load
  2120VDC-Input to earth≤10mA
Harmonic current <5% @20A/336VDC@220VAC
  2120VDC-Input to earth≤10mA
Input protection surge protection,AC over voltage protection
MTBF ≥300000H
Max input current ≤32A
Function CC wake up and identification
Inrush current Less than 110%. rated input current
  CP detection function

DC Output

  Real-time working temperature monitoring
Output voltage range 240~450V adjustable
  Software sleep and wake up
Max output power 6.6kW
Communication mode   CAN protocol
Max output current 20A
Operating temp heat-sink pad temperature range -20℃~55℃
Voltage regulation ≤±0.5%
Cooling mode  Coolant 
Current regulation ≤±1.5%
Protection level  IP67
Ripple ≤±2%
Humidity 5~95% no condensing
Voltage setting difference   ≤±0.5%
Dimension MVAC33620B     316x252x102mm (W*H*D)
Current setting difference  ≤0.3A
  MVAC33620S  290x222x67mm(W*H*D)
Output protection Over/under voltage protection
  Over current protection
  Short circuit protection 
  Over temperature protection 
  Power battery reverse connection protection