Power Electronic Unit

Power Electronic Unit

PEU (Power Electronic Unit) system integrates functions such as OBC, DC, MCU, PTC and PDU. It has a high degree of integration, saves vehicle layout space, and is safe and reliable.

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 点.png   AutoSAR software architecture and UDS diagnostic function

 点.png   Highly integrated, flat, compact and light weight design

 点.png   Automotive-grade design and device, high life, high reliability

 点.png   Mature control strategy, rich stable functions

 点.png   The connecting device adopts quick-insertion method, with high-voltage interlock function, safe and easy to maintain

 点.png   EMC, voltage resistance, insulation, vibration, electrical protection and other multiple software and hardware redundancy protection functions

Passenger cars, special vehicles, commercial vehicles

Power range6600W1.5~3kW30~320kWCustomization
Input voltage range220VAC200~750VDC200~750VDC
Rated output voltage200~500VDC12/24VDC80Arms~700Arms
Full load efficiency≥95%≥98%
Way of communicationCAN2.0
Protection levelIP67
Cooling methodWater cooling
EMC  Class 3


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