Motor Control Unit

Motor Control Unit

The electric energy stored in the power battery is converted into the electric energy required to drive the motor to control the vehicle's starting operation, forward and backward speed, climbing strength, braking, etc. It is one of the key parts of electric vehicles.
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  点.png   AutoSAR software architecture and UDS diagnostic function

  点.png   Highly integrated, flat, compact and light weight design

  点.png   Automotive-grade design and device, high life, high reliability

  点.png   Mature control strategy, rich stable functions

  点.png   The connecting device adopts quick-insertion method, with high-voltage interlock function, safe and easy to maintain

  点.png   EMC, voltage resistance, insulation, vibration, electrical protection and other multiple software and hardware redundancy protection functions

  点.png  Through the core algorithm and control strategy, reduce the electrical control loss of the motor, improve the energy saving effect, and increase the cruising range

Passenger cars

commercial vehicles
Power range DC250V-410VDC (Rated 320VDC) DC260V-460VDC (Rated 336VDC) DC200V-750VDC (Rated 576VDC)
Rated / peak capacity 22kVA/50kVA 90kVA/180kVA 120kVA/240kVA
Rated / peak capacity 75A/190Arms 220A/450Arms 200A/350Arms
Control voltage range 8-18V DC 6-18V DC 18~32VDC
Full load efficiency ≥98% ≥97% ≥97%
Way of communication CAN2.0
Cooling method Water cooling
EMC Class 3