Electric Compression

Electric Compression

Megmeet air-conditioning compressor are widely used in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles. They are also suitable for new energy bus air conditioning, new energy bus air conditioning, subway air conditioning, high-speed rail motor air conditioning.

electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles

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    Semi-closed electric compressor MGB36AT-320DV / 510DV / MGB28AT-320DV / 510DV

    The semi-closed electric compressor is stable, efficient, energy-saving and compact in design to achieve better NVH effect and better reliability. It is suitable for R134a refrigerant air conditioning system and battery cooling system.

    Small size - compact and lightweight, Good for vehicle layout

    High efficiency - Energy Efficiency with floating back pressure design and DC driven by magnetic motor

    Low vibration, low noise - rigorous and balance calculation design, precision machining and assembly technology to ensure product stability

    High reliability – the controller uses vehicle-grade electronic components for higher reliability

    Practicability-support UDS/Bootloader,Benefit user software upgrade

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    Fully enclosed horizontal scroll compressor MGQ40DF-510DV / MGQ60DF-510DV / MGQ80DF-510DV

    The compact body of the fully enclosed horizontal scroll compressor provides more options for the flat and lightweight design of the overhead integrated air conditioning system. There are DC frequency conversion, AC frequency conversion, fixed frequency design to meet the needs of different air-conditioning products.

    Compatibility - Suitable for r410a/r407c refrigerants

    Differences -For fill the market gap, compared with the same model configuration on the market, the weight and volume are reduced by 1/4

    High efficiency - special drive with permanent magnet synchronous motor

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