Vehicle-mounted Three-in-one(OBC+DC+PDU)

Vehicle-mounted Three-in-one(OBC+DC+PDU)

The system integration of one/two-way on board chaeger, DCDC, and high-voltage power distribution system (PDU) realizes the functions of three products in one product structure.
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  点.png   Peak Efficiency :≥95% 

  点.png   Automotive grade design, compatible with ASIL

  点.png   Full digital control, compatible with national standards

  点.png   Support multiple scenarios such as V2L, V2G, V2V

  点.png   Small size, light weight 、h igh life and high reliability

  点.png  When the electrical integration, independent or simultaneous operation, DC can output full power

  点.png   EMC, voltage resistance, insulation, vibration, electrical protection and other multiple software and hardware redundancy protection functions

  点.png  Through the vehicle control unit to achieve the distribution and control of the vehicle's high-voltage devices to ensure the safety performance of each system




Power range6KVA(Inverter)6600W(Rectification)1.5~2.2kWCustomization
Input voltage range300~500V DC220V AC 50HZ200~500V DC
Rated output voltage220VAC±5%200~500V DC12V DC
Full load efficiency≥93%≥95%≥95%
Way of communicationCAN2.0
Protection levelIP67
Cooling methodWater cooling