Automotive Air-conditioning Product Solutions

Megmeet solution provides the dedicated vehicle Air conditioner Micro controller design. Our controller has passed the certification of the front-loading Air conditioner Mechanism and has been commercialized by domestic Vehicle Air conditioning customers. The whole solution includes inverted controllers, logic controller, sensor, connection cables and a complete set of test equipment needed in the production of the whole machine. Our customers can rapidly deploy new systems, improve core competition and reduce the overall development cost.

Product Range:

Truck AC Controller Solution (On Board)

Passenger Vehicle Controller

Refrigeration On-Board AC Controller Solution

Heavy Vehicle On-board AC Controller Solution

RV Air Vehicle AC Controller Solution

Typical Vehicle AC Controller


The core algorithm of compressor driver

180° sine wave vector control technology

In built Auto vibration compensation. 

High frequency flux-weakening technology

Magnetic saturation control technology

Meet the certification of Automation

Product Range:

1 phase,9K ~ 24K


Applicable to trucks, Heavy Vehicles, cars, Vehicles for Public carrier and other types of Other vehicle products.