Cold Chain Control Technology Solutions

Background Introduction

Under the vigorous promotion of policies, the cold chain logistics industry has developed rapidly and contains huge potential value. It is estimated that by 2020, the market scale of China's cold chain logistics industry will reach 470 billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate will exceed 20%. The overall average gross profit margin of the cold chain logistics industry is between 15% and 20%. The accumulation of scale effects and learning effects may be more obvious than other logistics methods. Chain logistics will usher in a golden period of development.

Cold Chain Logistics Introduction

Cold chain logistics covers the entire process of freezing processing, refrigerated storage, cold chain transportation and cold chain sales.
The improvement in the prosperity of the cold chain industry will lead to the benefit of cold chain facilities such as cold storage, refrigerated transport vehicles and quick freezing equipment. The main facilities of cold chain logistics include cold storage or low temperature logistics centers, fresh food processing centers (including central kitchens), refrigerated transport vehicles, supermarket display cabinets, etc.
Realizing comprehensive temperature control of the supply chain management system is the future development direction, and the key solution to energy saving will become the technical direction of the cold chain logistics industry.

Megmeet Cold Chain Logistics Products

Megmeet is committed to providing innovative refrigeration solutions for Megmeet refrigeration cold chain control technology, actively developing advanced technologies applied to all links of the cold chain, and solving system configuration problems in all links such as optimizing production, transportation, refrigeration and sales , Together to help reduce product life cycle costs, help customers achieve the goals of reducing costs, improving efficiency and environmental protection.