Artsen CM500C applied to welding of jacket in offshore industry

Product Introduction

An offshore platform is a structure that provides production and living facilities for offshore drilling, oil production, transportation, observation, navigation, construction and other activities. According to its structural characteristics and working conditions, it can be divided into three categories: fixed, movable and semi-fixed.
        The lower part of the fixed platform is directly supported by piles, enlarged footings or other structures and fixed on the seabed. According to the supporting situation, it is divided into two types: pile foundation type and gravity type. The movable platform floats in the water or is supported on the seabed, and can be moved from one well to another. According to the support situation, it can be divided into two types: bottomed and floating. It is a semi-fixed offshore platform that can be fixed in deep water and is removable.
        Jacket platform, also known as pile platform, belongs to fixed platform. It is a jacket that is driven into the seabed to support the entire platform. It is composed of a lower jacket, a steel pile, and an upper platform. It can withstand external forces such as wind, waves and currents, and has the advantages of strong adaptability, safety and reliability, simple structure and low cost. The jacket is mainly composed of hollow leg posts and vertical and horizontal tie bars connecting the leg posts.


Customer introduction

Shenzhen Chiwan Shengbaowang Engineering Co., Ltd. (CSE) is a Sino-foreign joint venture company limited by China National Offshore Oil Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (holding 36% of the shares); Shengbaowang Engineering Holdings Pte. Ltd. (holding 32 % Of the shares); Shenzhen Xinnanshan Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. (holding 32% of the shares) consists of three shareholders. The company is located on the east bank of Chiwan Port in Shenzhen. It has a production site of 185,000 square meters and a 406-meter long quay shoreline. The site can be used for large offshore oil and gas jackets, platforms, molds and other land construction. Jacket making is known for its high efficiency, reliability and low cost.



In the manufacture of jackets, the welds at the saddle mouth of the lacing ribs are one of the most difficult to weld nodes in the entire manufacturing process. They work at heights, with low accuracy, poor alignment, and limited position. Need to use welding rod for priming, gas-shielded flux cored wire filling, multi-layer and multi-layer, large filling amount. The following problems have always troubled customers on site:

High-altitude operation requires 70 to 100 meters long-distance welding, large pressure loss, strong interference, unstable welding, causing serious quality hazards.

For high-altitude operations, it is necessary to use handles and gas shielding processes alternately. At the same time, two welding machines need to be prepared.

Poor outdoor working environment, large bevel fill volume, high current continuous welding, and frequent welding machine damage.

For long-distance welding, the wire feeder can only roughly adjust the welding parameters without accurate display, which affects the welding quality.

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Welder equipment and solutions

According to the actual situation of the customer, we recommend the Megmeet Artsen CM500C welding machine. This welding machine is a fully digital industrial heavy-duty CO2 / MAG / MMA intelligent inverter welding machine designed for offshore engineering, shipbuilding, steel structure and other industries Use, have the following advantages to solve customer problems:

Extremely high protection level, more suitable for outdoor construction environment such as vibration, collision, humidity, salt fog and so on.

Adopting the industry's first two-way digital high-speed carrier communication technology, strong anti-interference, 100 meters remote welding, stable and reliable parameters.

The load continuity rate is designed to be 100% @ 500A, which can adapt to long-term high-current stable welding.

The welding parameters are displayed on the wire feeder and can be adjusted directly, the welder can adjust the welding parameters more accurately, and the supervision is more assured.

Multi-function welding machine, integrated design of welding rod and gas protection, convenient for workers to switch multiple processes of one welding machine.

Full digital design, process controlled by software, built-in process expert library, arc energy concentration, deep penetration.

Effect comparison 

After adopting the Magnum Artsen CM500C inverter welding machine, after comparison:

High current and long distance welding are stable and reliable. The welding parameters of the wire feeder display greatly improve the welding quality and reduce the repair rate by 15%.

One welding machine meets the needs of on-site handle and gas protection process switching, and the equipment utilization rate is increased by 30%.

The failure rate of the welding machine has dropped significantly, and the number of welding machine repairs has been reduced by 50%.

The welding depth is deep, and the risk of unmelting is reduced in the multi-layer multi-channel groove welding, and the welding quality is guaranteed (as shown below).

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