Artsen PM500F II for gas tank welding

Product Introduction 

A gas tank (liquefied gas cylinder) is a steel cylinder that stores petroleum liquefied gas. When the gas is stored in the cylinder, the pressure is very high, and a slight improper operation may cause an explosion. Gas tanks are small pressure vessels, and their production requirements are extremely strict. The product itself is made of Q235 steel or Q345 steel with a wall thickness of about 3 mm and a maximum pressure of 2.1 MPa (about 20.8 atmospheres).


Customer Introduction

Jiangsu Minsheng High-pressure Vessel Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a national large-scale enterprise with design, manufacturing qualifications for Class I, II and III pressure vessels. The extra large metal products enterprise of LPG cylinders is now a joint-stock cooperative enterprise after the successful restructuring of Jiangsu Minsheng Group Company. The company covers an area of 180,000 square meters, with existing assets of nearly 100 million yuan, more than 1,200 employees, including 18 senior titles, 58 intermediate titles, 186 junior titles, 80 pressure vessel certified welders, with advanced production and testing More than 280 sets (sets) of equipment have passed GB / T19001: 2000 edition-ISO9001 standard quality system certification, and have obtained ASME "U" authorization certificate and steel stamp, and have established a comprehensive quality assurance system.

On-site issues 

The gas tank is mainly welded by the base, the lower head, the upper head, the valve seat, the shield and the bottle mouth. Among them, the tank body welded by the upper and lower heads is very important, which determines the quality of the entire gas tank, and requires high pressure resistance and zero defects to ensure absolute safety. During customer's on-site welding, the following problems have been difficult to solve:

The arc starting point is prone to poor fusion, and the tank has defects, which brings great safety risks.

The splash is large, and it is difficult to remove the spatter on the surface of the cylinder, which brings great difficulties to the subsequent painting process.

The welding speed is slow, the welding time of a tank is about one minute, and the production efficiency is difficult to improve.

④  With the special machine, welding for a long time and large current, the welding machine is frequently damaged.

Megmeet recommends welding equipment and solutions 

According to the actual situation of the customer, the McGemett Artsen PM500F II welding machine is recommended, using the pulse process. Artsen PM500F II is an all-digital high-frequency intelligent inverter welding machine that can perform DC and pulse all-position welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. This welding machine has the following advantages to solve customer problems:

High-speed full digital control, accurately realize "one pulse and one drop", welding is stable, almost no spatter.

Built-in expert welding database, unified adjustment, automatic parameter correlation, good welding effect can be obtained.

Code wheel feedback, 4-wheel double drive, stable wire feeding, concentrated arc energy, and fast welding speed.

Welding machine adopts anti-lightning and surge design to prevent electromagnetic interference. Before the welding machine leaves the factory, it needs to pass the reliability test, which is stable and reliable.

The arc starting and closing parameters are open and adjustable to ensure the overall welding quality.

Effect comparison 

Adopt McGemett Artsen PM500F II with special plane to achieve satisfactory results. The welding time of a single tank is increased to about 40 seconds, and the efficiency is increased by 33%. The welding seam is well fused, the surface is uniformly formed, the color is white and bright, and the repair rate is reduced by 15%. The amount of splash is extremely low, and there is no metal particle splash on the surface of the workpiece. Reduce the previous grinding process, improve efficiency by 26%. The welding machine is stable and reliable. At present, it has been in service for more than two years, and no welding machine maintenance service has occurred.