Artsen Plus 500QR applied to the welding of boom type concrete pump truck

  Product Introduction

The concrete delivery pump truck is also called the boom type concrete pump truck. The delivery part is mainly composed of a pump body and a delivery pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. The concrete pump truck is the main equipment for concrete transportation and distribution in the construction industry. It has the advantages of flexibility, convenience, and strong mobility. It is widely used in house construction, road paving, and bridge construction.

The concrete pump truck is reconstructed on the chassis of the truck, and sports and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing devices, distribution devices, and other auxiliary devices are installed on the chassis. The four parts of the turntable, slewing mechanism, fixed turret and outriggers, collectively called the pump truck, are basically composed of high-strength steel welding, and the plate thickness ranges from 10-30㎜. The manufacturing quality of the welded parts directly affects the quality and performance of the product And reliability.


Customer introduction

Sany Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Since its establishment, Sany has always adhered to the vision of "creating a first-class enterprise, bringing up first-class talents, and making first-class contributions", and has created a well-known "Sany" brand. Sany Group's main business is equipment manufacturing with the theme of "Engineering". The company's products include concrete machinery, excavating machinery, lifting machinery, pile driving machinery, road construction machinery, including pump trucks, towing pumps, excavators, crawler cranes , Leading drilling rigs and other leading products have become the first brand in China, among which the market share of concrete delivery pump trucks, concrete delivery pumps and full hydraulic rollers ranks first in China, and the output of pump trucks ranks first in the world. The business and industrial bases of Sany Heavy Industry are all over the world. In China, Sany has six major industrial bases including Beijing, Changsha, Shanghai, Shenyang, Kunshan, and Urumqi. Overseas, Sany has four major R & D and manufacturing bases in India, the United States, Germany, and Brazil. At present, the Group's business has covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

On-site issues

The turntable is the base of the concrete pump truck arm frame, which is welded by high-strength steel. The booms rotate together in the horizontal plane.

Welded parts must have good welding quality, and the thickness of the bottom plate of the turntable should meet the axial rigidity requirements of the slewing bearing installation. The rear part of the turntable structure bears the tensile force and the front part bears the pressure, which requires that the mechanical properties of the base metal and welding material meet the required stress value. Customer requirements for welding must meet:

The arc energy is concentrated to prevent large deformation of the components and ensure that the size of the components meets the design requirements.

Strictly control the heat input to prevent the weld seam from becoming coarse and other reasons that cause performance degradation and bring safety risks.

Ultra-low spatter, reduce grinding process and improve welding efficiency as much as possible.

 Reduce the loss of wearing parts such as conductive nozzles, and strictly control costs.

 The welding seam is beautifully formed, the appearance is smooth and full, avoid stress concentration, and the penetration depth exceeds 2mm.

 With the robot welding, the communication configuration is simple and fast, and the welding machine has continuous welding consistency.


Megmeet recommends welding equipment and solutions

According to the actual situation of the customer, it is recommended that the McGemett Artsen Plus 500QR welding machine is equipped with a FANUC robot and uses a short arc pulse process. Artsen Plus 500QR is an all-digital high-frequency intelligent inverter welding machine that can perform DC, pulse, double pulse and coordinated all-position welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. This welding machine has the following advantages to solve customer problems:

 High-speed digital control, the inverter frequency reaches 100KHz, fine control of the droplet transition state, welding stability, almost no splash.

Built-in expert welding database, unified adjustment, automatic parameter correlation, good welding effect can be obtained.

 Unique short-arc pulse process, the arc length is 1/3 shorter than standard pulse, high stiffness, strong directivity, high penetration, no undercut.

 The arc length is short and stable, the welding speed is fast, and the heat input is significantly reduced, which can reduce the loss of welding peripheral parts such as the conductive nozzle.

 The wire feeder adopts high-performance digital motor, code disc feedback, four-wheel wire feed and precise wire feed mechanism to ensure the stability of wire feed, thus ensuring good welding.

 The welding machine adopts anti-lightning and surge design to prevent electromagnetic interference. Before the welding machine leaves the factory, it needs to pass the reliability test, which is stable and reliable.

The arc starting and closing parameters are open and adjustable to ensure the overall welding quality.

 Equipped with analog, digital and other communication methods, communication with special planes and robots is simple and fast.

 The power supply has high reliability and high parameter consistency, which can ensure long-term mass welding with the robot, and the welding seam is stable and reliable.

Effect comparison

The use of McGemett Artsen Plus 500QR with robot welding achieves customer satisfaction. The ultra-low spatter greatly reduces the subsequent grinding process. The welding seam is beautifully formed, without undercuts, the surface is uniformly formed, the color is white and bright, and the pass rate is 99.5%. The rotary table adopts linkage welding between the positioner and the robot. The welding machine is stable and reliable, the heat input is low, the water flow of the water tank is normal, and the loss frequency of wearing parts is reduced. The service life of the contact nozzle has been greatly extended by 3 times, and the number of nozzle cleanings has also been cleaned once from half a day to now once a day, and the overall production efficiency has been increased by 50%.