Artsen PM500FR applied to the welding of prefabricated housing frames

Product Introduction 

Prefabricated houses are commonly known as "assembled houses", and its full name is prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses are built using industrial production methods. Part or all of the components of the house are prefabricated at the factory, then transported to the construction site, and the components are assembled by reliable connection. Residential or industrialized residence. "Assembly room" is only part of the pre-fabricated parts, to the construction site must be poured like a traditional building, not the imaginary "building blocks". Therefore, after the completion of the house, there is no obvious difference from the traditional house in appearance.

Prefabricated buildings mainly include prefabricated prefabricated concrete structures, light steel structures, and modern wooden structure buildings. Among them, light steel structure buildings have outstanding advantages such as short construction period, low cost and low impact of external weather on the construction process, and are more and more widely used in residential buildings.

In the light steel residential building, the nodes where the components are connected to each other are the main stress-bearing parts, which is very critical. These nodes mainly include: column and column nodes, beam and column nodes, beam and beam nodes and so on. In the entire design process, a large number of square pipe columns are used as nodes to connect to each other to ensure that the node structure is reliable and safe, and the construction is stable, simple, and safe, which can greatly reduce the connection of on-site welds.


Customer introduction 

Honglu Steel Structure (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It has Hefei, Wuhan, Jinzhai, Chongqing, Guoyang, Xuancheng and other large-scale assembled steel structure buildings and intelligent parking equipment R & D and manufacturing bases, with an area of more than 200 10,000 square meters is one of the largest steel structure enterprise groups in China. The company's main business includes steel structure and its supporting products processing, steel structure industrial construction, production and sales of new building materials products, prefabricated high-rise steel structure residences, custom-made houses, high-end intelligent three-dimensional garage manufacturing operations, industrial real estate investment and construction operations, green steel Structural real estate development, etc., products are sold to 37 countries and regions around the world.


On-site issues 

The finished square tube column is formed by welding a square tube and two baffles. The material of the baffle is Q345 and the thickness is between 32mm and 35mm; the material of the square pipe column is Q345 and the thickness is between 12mm and 20mm. The square pipe column is grooved at an angle between 25 ° and 37 °. In order to improve efficiency, customers try to use robot welding, but due to the thick plate, narrow gap, multi-layer multi-pass welding, a large number of unmelted roots appear, the product qualification rate is extremely low, and needs to be resolved.


Megmeet recommends welding equipment and solutions 

According to the actual situation of the customer, the Megmeet Artsen PM500FR welding machine is recommended, adopting the carbon steel DC process. Artsen PM500FR is an all-digital high-frequency intelligent inverter welding machine that can perform DC and pulse all-position welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. This welding machine has the following advantages to solve customer problems:

High-pressure positioning and arc tracking functions are stable and reliable, and the quality of multi-layer multi-pass welding is stable.

It is equipped with a "short circuit transition with special energy control" process, which controls the welding current and voltage in real time, adjusts the droplet transfer characteristics and droplet shape, greatly increases the penetration depth, eliminates unmelted, and improves the weld formation.

Through the new control scheme and reasonable process parameter optimization, the arc starting is flexible, the arc closing is stable, and the overall quality of the weld is guaranteed.

The wire feeder adopts high-performance digital motor, code disc feedback, four-wheel wire feed and precise wire feed mechanism to ensure the stability of wire feed, thus ensuring good welding.

⑤ Equipped with various communication methods such as analog and digital, communication with special planes and robots is simple and fast.

⑥ Higher protection grade, good reliability and low failure rate, which can ensure long-term mass welding and stable and reliable weld quality.

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Effect comparison 

The use of McGemett Artsen PM500FR, combined with robot welding, has a beautiful weld formation, small spatter, stable root fusion, and a pass rate of 96%. The efficiency is greatly improved. Compared with the previous manual welding, the efficiency is increased by 4 times.


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图6  现场焊接                                                                                       图7  现场应用