Application of MTC on extruder

一、 Scheme configuration

Megmeet products have two application solutions in extrusion equipment: HMI + PLC + MTC and HMI + MTC.

The first solution can greatly increase the degree of automation of the extruder and make the control cabinet more concise. This method is more suitable for extruders requiring high automation and high power. The second solution is more suitable for extruders with low automation requirements and low cost.



The first scheme: HMI + PLC + MTC


The HMI is connected to the PLC via COM0 and is used to monitor all movements and temperature of the extruder, such as the start and stop of the inverter.

The PLC communicates with the inverter through its own PORT1, and the output frequency, current, fault and other information of the inverter can be displayed on the HMI in real time, and the frequency of the inverter is modified through the HMI.

The HMI is connected to MTC via COM1 (introduced here with 12-channel temperature control). There are two types of MTC, 8-channel and 4-channel. On the HMI, all MTCs can be self-tuned with one click, and each temperature can be independently controlled to start and stop.

The second scheme: HMI + MTC


PLC is not used in the scheme, so in addition to heating, other control methods must be manually operated by buttons, the overall appearance and automation of the cabinet are reduced, but this scheme can better save costs.


1、The temperature control effect of using Megmeet MTC series thermostat is excellent.

2、The way of using HMI + MTC has the following advantages over the operation of the instrument:

① Intelligent control, convenient for centralized monitoring;

② Display the real-time curve and historical curve of heating in each temperature zone to facilitate process analysis, thereby improving product quality;

③ MCBUS and standard MODBUS two communication protocols, can easily achieve communication connection with other equipment;

④ MTC can run independently or in conjunction with PLC;

⑤ The MTC modular structure can greatly save the space of the control cabinet, and it is also convenient for wiring;

⑥ MTC uses advanced artificial intelligence adjustment technology and expert fuzzy algorithm, with self-tuning and multi-segment temperature setting functions to achieve high-precision temperature control.