Application of MC200 in Cast Film Extruder


Cast film has excellent heat sealing performance and excellent transparency. It is one of the main packaging composite substrates. It is used to produce high-temperature cooking films and vacuum aluminum-plated films. With the increasing demand of the domestic cast film market, advanced cast film machines also have a broad market, and automated cast film production lines have bright prospects.

The cast film extruder processes raw material particles or powder into cast film products through the processes of heating raw materials, squeezing raw material slurry, pressing and cooling, winding and packaging.

Control Requirements

Control scheme


     Because the production line is relatively long (through three rooms), this system separately controls the heating part and the transmission part. The heating part independently controls the heating through the local touch screen, and the transmission part performs single-action and linkage operation through the local touch screen.

     At the same time, in the central control room, the entire casting film control system is operated through the configuration software ViewPanel of McMitt. The heating, transmission and central control room use Ethernet to communicate. 

     Transmission system: PLC controls the inverter, adjusts the speed of the feeding motor, and realizes the control of the amount of raw material added. Adjust the rotation speed to keep the traction roller, cooling roller and embossing roller synchronized.

     Heating system: control the temperature of overall feeding and extrusion through the MTC temperature control module. MTC comes with PID control, which can control the temperature of 50 channels accurately and conveniently.





     1 、MC200 series PLC has fast calculation speed and high stability.

     2 、Subprogram function, it is not necessary to put the program in the main program to scan completely, reducing the program debugging cycle and scanning time.

     3 、Control the inverter through the standard Modbus network, reduce the cost and have good anti-interference.

     4 、 ViewPanel is a megameter configuration software, seamlessly connected to the megameter MZ600 series touch screen. That is, ViewPanel and MZ600 touch screen share the View Builder development platform. After editing the interface, the designer can freely choose to use the touch screen or the configuration software to run the control without repeating the interface design.

     5 、 MTC is a temperature controller independently researched and developed by Megmeet, with its own PID auto-tuning and multi-segment temperature control function, with high temperature control accuracy.