Application of Electric Submersible Oil Pumping System

Introduction to industry fields or industry needs

    The submersible screw pump intelligent oil recovery system is mainly used in the petroleum extraction industry. It can partially replace domestic mechanical oil recovery including PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. Only the domestic mining industry needs more than 20,000 wells, and overseas has more than 50,000 wells. The market space is very broad.


Introduction to practical requirements of industry scenarios

    This system aims at deep well oil production, deeply optimizes the inverter control algorithm, and adopts long-distance encoderless vector control technology to achieve precise control of the submersible motor speed and current. The submersible motor uses a low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has the characteristics of large starting torque and high efficiency. It can directly drive the screw pump without a reducer, and has a simple structure, safe and reliable. Later intervention of temperature and pressure measurement device and APP remote control realized intelligent operation and opened up prospective innovative practice for digital mining. It can be widely used in horizontal wells, low-yield wells, heavy oil wells, sand-bearing wells and deviated wells, reducing single well energy consumption and saving production costs.

Product solutions and technical principles

    At present, most oil wells in China belong to the middle and late stages of mining, and the difficulty is gradually increasing. Various new technologies and materials are constantly emerging, but they have not solved the common problem of excessive energy consumption. Through servo control technology, our company adopts the solution of submersible motor direct drive plus ground intelligent control. The power saving rate is higher than 50%, and the oil recovery has also increased to a certain extent.


Hole 59-17H3 is located in an oil field, and the depth of the reservoir in this block is close to 2000m, and the electric heating process is not applicable. Due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of crude oil, there is no oil outflow. The daily water production is 26m³ / d, the daily oil production is only 0.3m³ / d, and the water content is 98%.

 Product solutions:

1、Liquid production requirements: daily output 2 ~ 10m3 / d, head up to 2000m.

2、Dynamic liquid level prediction: The reasonable submergence of submersible screw pumps is generally above 300m, and then the maximum allowable dynamic liquid level is determined to be 1700m based on specific well conditions and other information.

3、Selection of submersible screw pump

(1)Determination of theoretical displacement

The reasonable speed of the submersible screw pump is 80 ~ 250rpm, and the displacement corresponding to the average speed of 150rpm needs to reach the target liquid production. The submersible screw pump selects a standard displacement speed standard of 100 rpm, and the rated displacement at a speed of 100 rpm is: 10m3 / (150rpm / 100rpm) = 6.67 m3 / d / 100rpm. The theoretical displacement of the screw pump is 6.67m3 / d / 100rpm.

 (2)Calculation of effective lifting height

Effective lifting height = pump hanging depth + hydraulic pressure conversion head + oil pipe friction loss head-pump suction head head.
This case requires a maximum lift of 2000m.

(3) Model selection of screw pump

According to the above calculation, the effective lifting height and theoretical displacement of the screw pump are obtained. The preferred screw pump model is 6E2000. Its rated displacement is 5.5 m3 / d / 100rpm and the maximum lifting height is 2000m, which can meet the design requirements of this well. The performance curve of the screw pump is as follows:


4、Motor model selection

According to the minimum driving torque of 130N.m, Table 7 refers to the model table of submersible permanent magnet synchronous motor, the preferred motor model is QYDJPM-380-6.5, rated voltage 380Vac, rated current 15A, rated power is 6.5kW, rated output torque is 250N.m , To meet the driving torque requirements of screw pumps.

Product application effect or problem solving

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