Lifting control solution


Lifting and lifting equipment is an intermittent and repetitive working method. It is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, station and terminal, various enterprises and institutions to achieve transportation mechanization and automation through lifting, horizontal translation or lifting and moving materials of the retrieval device. And improve work efficiency. 

Overview of Megmeet lifting solutions

MV series variable frequency drive is a special drive inverter independently developed and produced by Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd. It takes the safety and reliability as the first principle into consideration, and combines the installation and debugging of lifting and lifting equipment , Operation, maintenance and other inherent characteristics of multiple links, the overall optimization design, is a new generation of special inverter with advanced level

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1、 Sliding hook detection and automatic control function; the inverter will continue to detect whether the brake machinery is abnormal during shutdown. If the brake machinery is abnormal, the inverter will automatically start the inverter to support the heavy object and report the failure when the slipping hook occurs. Human intervention will automatically proceed at a low speed and ensure that the heavy objects on the hook will automatically stop after reaching the ground smoothly.

2、 With load and speed function; according to the weight of the suspended object, the maximum allowable up and down running speed is automatically calculated.

3、 Automatic brake detection; this function is divided into two types, the first is to check whether the brake machinery is normal before each operation, and the second is to conduct self-learning of the brake machinery abnormality according to customer needs and learn the brake machinery. Whether the holding force is normal.

4、 Self-protection of motor failure;

5、 Dynamic password protection, according to whether the customer needs to open for dynamic password protection, protect the parameters of the inverter;

6、 Perfect brake detection logic to ensure correct detection of electrical and brake mechanical faults;

7、 Perfect fault classification, output the brake in time when the inverter's hardware is faulty. Under the fault that the inverter can run normally, the brake can be decelerated normally and then stopped again to avoid impact on the machine.

8、 Drop-load protection function, when the suspended heavy object breaks due to the steel wire or the suspended heavy object squats on the ground, it can be stopped in time to report the fault.

9、 One-key switching function for open and closed loop operation. When the encoder is normal, the inverter uses closed loop vector operation. When the encoder is damaged on the client side, the lifting logic can be automatically switched to the open loop use environment through a function code to ensure a short time. The internal lifting structure can also be used normally without an encoder. And can be run time locked (developed according to customer needs). 

10、Quickly respond to customer needs, and customize customized special functions according to customer requirements.