The Application of MC200 Series PLC and CGP Wireless Communication Module in Tower Crane


Tower cranes (referred to as tower cranes for short) are mainly composed of three major transmission mechanisms: lifting, slewing, and luffing. The speed regulation performance of each mechanism directly affects the performance of the whole machine. There are three requirements for governing performance of various agencies: one is that the operation should be stable and the start-stop impact is small; the second is easy application and reliable operation, and the ability to adapt to the fluctuation of the power supply on the construction site; the third is to facilitate maintenance.

The tower crane is high in the sky, and the distribution is very scattered, so it is very inconvenient to maintain. In order to make the upgrade and debugging of user programs convenient and fast (no need to climb the tower crane or visit the site of the tower crane), and to better monitor and maintain the operation of the tower crane equipment across the country, the system needs to have wireless communication and remote positioning functions.

The system configuration is as follows

      Controller :MC200-3232BRA

     Wireless communication module: MC200-CGP

     Frequency converter: MV600L 

     Adopt Megmeet MC200-3232BRA as the main module to control the actions and logic functions of the tower crane; extend the MC200-CGP module to realize remote positioning equipment, remotely monitor the running status of the equipment, remotely upgrade and debug user programs, modify device data and receive alarms by SMS And other needs.


 The main points of the system plan

Application summary

1、MC200 series PLC is a small high-performance PLC with powerful expansion function and communication networking function, capable of floating-point arithmetic, high-speed data processing, analog quantity processing, high-speed counting and high-speed pulse output positioning control functions. These functions are well reflected in this construction machinery project.

2、The Megmeet wireless communication positioning module MC200-CGP has remote wireless communication and remote positioning functions. Through the MC200-CGP module, the customer data center can remotely monitor the operating status of devices scattered throughout the country, and can also perform remote upgrades, debugging procedures, and use mobile phones to send and receive text messages to modify device parameters and receive alarms.