Application of MV600L frequency converter in tower crane and elevator


Mainstream construction machinery such as tower cranes and construction elevators are indispensable handling equipment for construction projects. Their efficient operation greatly improves the progress of the project and reduces the labor intensity of workers, especially in some high-rise buildings. . With the further acceleration of China's urbanization, the planning and implementation of the construction of the national road network have driven the continued popularity of the real estate industry and engineering construction. From first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities, from cities to wilderness, China is a big construction site, where there are tower cranes and elevators where there are construction projects. Megmeet MV600L frequency converter is widely used in the main transmission mechanism of the construction machinery, and has achieved good results.

MV600L inverter

    1、 Introduction to MV600L inverter

Megmeet MV600L lifting special inverter is designed for the industry. Its wide power supply voltage adaptability range and brand modules with enlarged margins are widely used in construction engineering machinery around the world, such as tower cranes, construction elevators, trucks, and bridges. Cranes, gantry cranes, etc.

    2Advantages of MV600L inverter

2.1  Wide range of power supply voltage: 323V ~ 528V

2.2  Enlarge the margin of imported semiconductor modules and improve the protection mechanism to create a legend of ultra-low failure rate. From Heilongjiang to Hainan, from Xinjiang to Shanghai, from domestic to foreign countries, from spring and summer to autumn and winter, from the Gobi Desert to the coastal beach, there are more than 5000 MV600L inverters running steadily on construction machinery everywhere.

2.3 Program modular design, industry tailored. Perfectly adapted to various power mechanisms such as tower cranes, construction elevators, various lifting cranes, etc., which greatly facilitates customer application and debugging.

2.4  Rigorous program logic design, deeply immersed in the construction machinery industry for several years, directly imported from abroad for safety and performance, and successfully replaced.

Application of MV600L frequency converter in tower crane

   1、 Introduction to the three major tower crane organizations

     The three major tower crane mechanisms include trolley, slewing and lifting. The trolley is used to drag the building materials for translational movement on the tower crane arm. The traditional control method is to start directly with the contactor. There is a large impact on the motor, and the translation control of the material transport of the trolley is inaccurate. It has the disadvantages of high failure, frequent maintenance and high cost. Rotation is used to drive the rotary table of the tower crane to make circular movements, and transport materials from one direction to the other direction. According to the size of the tower crane, there are 1 to 3 rotary motors.The traditional control methods are OMD and RCV. It has the disadvantages of high motor cost, high energy consumption and large maintenance. Lifting is responsible for the lifting movement of the material. The lifting stroke ranges from tens of meters to hundreds of meters. The traditional lifting control has a double- and three-speed motor pole-changing method, and a winding motor rotor string resistance is cut off step by step to start speed regulation. Because of the large power of the hoisting motor, this method has a great impact on the motor and the power grid, which will seriously affect the actions of other institutions. The control of heavy objects is not smooth, which is detrimental to the life of the wire rope.

    2、MV600L tower crane frequency conversion control scheme



     3 、MV600L tower crane field application example


     Highway                                                          Bridge across the sea


  Boom crane                                                                                                  Estate construction


Inverter control cabinet

Application of MV600L inverter

    1、Brief introduction of construction elevator

Construction elevator is an indispensable vertical transportation equipment in the construction of modern high-rise buildings. Especially in the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings, it plays an extremely important role. It plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the construction period and safety, reducing construction costs, and reducing the labor intensity of workers. The quality of its operation directly affects the construction schedule. It has been widely used to transport personnel and stray materials in high-rise buildings, and plays an increasingly important role in modern building construction.

    2、 The elevator using Megmeet MV600L has the following characteristics and advantages

The core algorithm is similar to the tower crane slewing control, that is, the multi-motor open-loop vector control algorithm, suitable for the multi-drive mechanism of the construction elevator working environment, such as 2 * 13KW motor, 3 * 11KW motor, 2 * 15KW motor, etc. In the multi-motor vector control algorithm, the scientific opening and holding brake control logic and the brake reliability detection mechanism when starting and stopping are also built in to ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting mechanism during operation, to prevent rolling and falling; perfect asynchronous Motor open-loop magnetic expansion frequency conversion control, short acceleration and deceleration time, perfect light load speed increase and power limit, under the premise of ensuring safety, greatly improve the efficiency of lifting work. The inverter of our company is widely used in a domestic brand elevator. After a large area of high temperature and the harsh environment of the construction site, it operates safely and steadily throughout the country.

    3、MV600L elevator frequency conversion control scheme


    4、Schematic diagram of frequency conversion control of MV600L elevator

Please refer to the lifting control diagram of frequency conversion tower crane

    5 、MV600L elevator field application example




In recent years, China ’s infrastructure construction has been in full swing, which has strongly promoted the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. A large number of related manufacturers have emerged. At the same time, industry competition has become more and more fierce. Customers are safe, reliable and efficient. Sexually put forward higher requirements, prompting construction machinery manufacturers to carry out transformation and upgrading. Megmeet has the market foresight, practises internal skills, conducts in-depth research on the industry and has achieved success, becoming the industry benchmark and first choice. Facing customers with low-cost control schemes, we are committed to promoting the development of frequency conversion of construction machinery.

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