Application of MV300 in multifunctional electric rotary drilling rig


Today, when oil prices are soaring, the conversion of construction machinery oil to electricity has become a direction for many manufacturers to upgrade their products. As a representative of this type of transformation, the multi-function electric rotary drilling rig uses all power sources, does not require fuel for the whole machine, and is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and emission-free. Through our cooperation and development with leading manufacturers in this field, this series of electric rotary drilling rigs has been fully marketed and has strong competitiveness.

Megmeet solutions

MV300 series inverters are used in electric rotary drilling rigs and have very strong advantages:

1、 As a vector control inverter, the low-frequency torque is large, the overload capacity is strong, and the speed adjustment range is wide. Rotary drilling rigs require a low-frequency overload torque of 180% when operating at low speeds. When high loads are encountered during high-speed field weakening control, automatic speed adjustment is required to ensure operation within a constant power range.

2、 The torque needs to be fast. Accelerate from 0Hz to 100Hz and decelerate from 100Hz to 0Hz. The shorter the acceleration / deceleration time, the better. For 160kW motors with load, the acceleration / deceleration time is generally required to be controlled within 8s.

3、  The inverter is required to have good adaptability to the power grid and external environment. On site, the grid voltage fluctuated greatly, and we encountered voltage changes as low as 300V and as high as 460V at the site. In addition, dust and high temperature are required to take special measures.