Application of MV300 on electric hoist


With the need for more and more rapid positioning in the project and reducing the cost of subsequent customer applicable maintenance, the frequency conversion electric hoist ratio is rapidly increasing. As a high-performance vector control inverter, MV300 has large low-frequency torque and strong overload capacity. It can well meet the requirements of electric hoist cone motor.

The outer circle of the rotor core of the conical motor and the inner circle of the stator core are conical. When energized, the stator magnetic field has an axial pulling force on the rotor, which causes the rotor to overcome the spring pressure to produce axial displacement, so that the active ring and the rear end cover leave It starts to run, the magnetic pulling force disappears when the power is turned off, and the rotor moves in the opposite direction of the axis under the pressure of the spring, so that the brake ring is pressed against the rear end cover or the wind hood, and the motor is in the braking state. This feature of the cone motor better solves the risk of hook slippage caused by the crane's separate control of the brake.

Megmeet solutions

The control performance index of MV300 is as follows. For the cone motor, the same power ratio can achieve 1Hz easy start.

MV300 running control characteristics

control method

Vector control without PG flux, V / F control

Maximum output frequency

V / F control 3000Hz, other control 650Hz

Speed range

1: 200 (vector control without PG flux)

Speed control accuracy

± 0.2% (without PG flux vector control)

Speed fluctuation

± 0.3% (without PG flux vector control)

Torque response

<10ms (without PG flux control)

Torque control

Vector torque control accuracy without PG flux 7.5%

Starting torque

0.25Hz 150% (without PG flux vector control

The MV300 has a built-in light-load speed-up function, which can increase the speed according to the load at light load (up and down) in order to improve efficiency. In addition, the MV300 can set the upper limit, lower limit and automatic switching between high and low speeds according to requirements, which is very convenient to use. On the MV300 platform, customized products can also be developed according to customer needs, which can better meet the requirements of electric hoist.