Electric medical bed solution Electric Medical Bed--Medical power solution


With the acceleration of the aging of the world's population, the demand for medical care for those who suffer from chronic diseases and common  diseases of the elderly is constantly escalating, which will result in the rapid growth of the electric medical bed market in the future.

It is inconvenient, time-consuming and laborious to operate a traditional hand-operated medical bed, which cannot be operated by the patient on their own and also has the drawback of poor functions. It cannot meet the urgent need for upgrading medical care. Nowadays, electric medical beds are more and more widely used in hospitals.

The conventional linear transformer is now still widely used in most electric medical beds in market, which contains below shortcomings:

Special power supply solution for electric medical bed

In order to meet the increasingly high performance requirements of patients and their caregivers for electric medical beds, the special power supply solution of McGemett's electric medical beds perfectly matches the characteristics of the drive motor that requires several times the normal operating current at the moment of startup.

Main features of MKP750S:


1、Medical power supply is committed to becoming a value partner of the industry's leading medical equipment and ODM / OEM manufacturers, providing high-performance, high-density, high-quality, high-reliability power supply solutions for products in the fields of healthcare and hospital medical equipment.

2、The Megmeet medical power supply quality management system has passed ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification, ensuring excellent quality.

3、Mango series adapters and MP series built-in power supplies of the company's products have been widely used in the medical equipment industry. Customized power supplies MKP750S have been used in many electric medical beds