Smart Sanitary Wares Industry Solution

I. Brief Description on Business

           Megmeet and its subsidiary Zhejiang Yihe Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd. have a research team specializing in design and development of components and overall unit of smart toilet. We have strong technical force and complete testing facilities, provide complete product solution of smart toilet from component to whole machine, and devote to build ourselves into an excellent global manufacture of smart toilet and a high-quality service provider of overall smart sanitary ware solutions:

    Overall Unit Business

    1. Integrated Smart Toilet (Overall Unit) ODM/OEM/SKD

        With integrated design, the smart toilet can realize multiple functions such as toilet seat heating, washing, and drying, automatic toilet seat/seat cover opening, and flushing.

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    2. Split Type Smart Toilet Seat Cover (ODM/OEM/SKD)

        It can be matched with the ceramic body of traditional toilet, and can achieve multiple functions of smart toilet such as toilet seat heating, washing, drying and auto flushing.

2.1_副本.png    2.2_副本.png    2.3_副本.png    2.4_副本.png    2.5_副本.png    

    Core Function Module

    1. Core Function Module

        It is the most core control part of the smart toilet, including PCB, heater, integrated valve, and professional core technology platform and control system.

3.1_副本.jpg 3.2_副本.jpg    
All-in-One Overall ModuleSplit Type Overall Module

    2. Core Component

        The cleaning device, distribution valve, solenoid valve, flush valve, etc. are the core components of smart toilet. The function of the smart toilet depends greatly on the performances of these components, which coordinate and control each function of the smart toilet. 

5.1_副本.jpg    5.2_副本.jpg    5.3_副本.jpg    5.4_副本.jpg 5.5_副本.jpg
Flush ValveFourth Generation HeaterSixth Generation HeaterIntegrated Valve Highly Integrated Main Control Board
    5.6_副本.jpg    5.7_副本.jpg
Water Flow Distribution ValveFoot Touch

II. Brief Description on Core Technology


    Not only are the function of excellent products realized, but also the product performances are further improved, through structure design and optimization of the control system and combination of software and hardware, to meet fully meet various user experiences. 

3.1_副本.pngFreely flush – independent water pressure system


The independent water supply system is independently researched and developed, is not affected by tap water pressure;

Control technology: The active control technology is used. Output is more accurate.

3.3.png  3.4_副本.pngDrying system – strong drying
 The closed-loop temperature control system is adopted. The fan speed is increased by 4 times, and the air volume is increased by 1.5 times, the warm air drying is upgraded to strong warm air drying. 

3.6_副本.png  3.5_副本.pngConstant temperature - high flow instant heating


The  high flow  instant heating technology is adopted. The heater is provided with the butterfly temperature controller, which is used for active control, self-sensing the temperature of flowing water, and timely adjusting the outlet water temperature to achieve the purpose of constant temperature cleaning. No need to wait, variable  heating, and out-of the box. 

3.7_副本.pngAnti-pollution backflow – air isolation technology


When the water flow is under the negative pressure, the pulse valve makes the waterway and the valve body always be separated by a section of air. Therefore, the sewage can not flow back to the pipeline, and the water flow for flushing sewage and the water flow for cleaning body are effectively isolated and will not be mixed up. The safety of domestic water is absolutely guaranteed. 

3.10_副本.png 3.9_副本.pngSeat cover opening and flushing by foot touch - 0-Touch foot touch technology
The unique foot touch control technology is adopted. Flushing and toilet seat/seat cover opening can be achieved by foot touch key. It is not necessary to bend down, frees your both hands, and is more humanized.   

3.12_副本.jpg 3.11_副本.pngRecognize user’s action – precise microwave

Algorithm optimization; 

Accurate identification of movement trends such as close and leave;

Sense the distance up to centimeters;

Strong directivity;

Reduce disturbance caused by wrong actions;

Precisely sense people coming and going;

The cover plate can be automatically opened and closed.


3.12_副本.pngSuper comfortable experience – 3D massage3.13_副本.png
The method is based on the SPA concept. Hot water and warm water are used alternately to conduct unique bubble spray-wash during cleaning. The water pressure changes automatically. Reciprocating movement is conducted on the washing position. 3D massage washing and flushing are really achieved. Cleaning is more comfortable.

3.15_副本.pngSafety and health – medical-grade ultraviolet sterilization3.16.png

The medical-grade ultraviolet sprayer sterilization technology is introduced, which can efficiently kill all kinds of bacteria to give your family members meticulous care and let your family members feel free to enjoy the pleasure of healthy washing.

3.17_副本.png All functions can be enjoyed by only one key – rotary knob
 User’s gesture can be recognized, and the humanized side button is provided according to the ergonomic design. Hip cleaning, women wash, drying and cleaning can be completed by one key only. Precise touch and comfortable hand feeling. It is easy to identify different functions. 

3.18_副本.pngSafe and worry-free – eight protections


Safety protection measures for anti-creeping, anti-overheating, dry burning-resistant, high temperature resistance etc. are taken for strict control layer upon layer to ensure man-machine safety.