Applications of MC200E and Visual System in Labeling Machine

System components

    1) Megmeet PLC MC200E-4040BTA8  Two Units;

    2) A computer loaded with visual system and Win7 system (loaded with host unit, PLC and configuration software);

    3) 12 servo motors and 2 step motors.

    4) Four visual cameras;

The hardware system connection diagram is as follows:


USB integrator

Operating principles

    1. Test and verify the accuracy and stability of the equipment through the plate drilled with holes, as shown in the following figure: Position the center coordinates of 34 holes, and then position the center positions of #1, #2 and #3 holes manually by camera. Then calculate the center coordinates of the remaining 32 holes by matrix, and set the center coordinates of any point manually. The accuracy of the coordinates is checked by a camera.


    2. Camera marking, mark the position of 34 holes recorded by the first camera on the plate, and the coordinate position is put into a two-dimensional code by the camera. The clearer the two-dimensional code seen by the naked eye, the higher the accuracy.


    3. Labeling test, as shown in the following figure, attach labels to the center of the 32 holes.


    4. After completing labeling, measure the labeling position through the visual system. Analyze if the stability and accuracy of the equipment system can meet the requirements. If the CPK (reference standard value) is not satisfied, repeat the above actions until the standard requirements are met, then you can start the labeling work.

    5. The above PLC communicates with the visual system through RS485 free port protocol.

Summary of applications

    1. C200E—4040BTA can support multi-axial independent motion, and can support 8 axises and the highest frequency can reach 200KHz;

    2. PLC storage capacity can reach 32K. There are 3 communication ports and Megmeet internal communication protocol MCBUS is supported between the PLCs;

    3. The configuration software Veiwpannel is simple and stable. (Top)