OBC Industrial Solutions

As one of the strategic pillar industries of the 13th five-year plan, new energy vehicles can be a great opportunity for China to shorten the gap with European, American and Japanese manufacturers and even realize overtaking in the automobile industry. They also serve the important function of replacing fossil energy. According to the plan of the four ministries and commissions of the state, China will achieve an accumulative sales of 5 million new energy vehicles by 2020. Meanwhile, many European and American countries and many leading automobile enterprises have also announced the "Fuel Car Withdrawal Plan" successively, leaving a huge market space for core components of new energy vehicles.

As it's well known, the working conditions of vehicles are very complex, and extremely stringent requirements are needed for vehicle-mounted parts on many conditions, such as volume, weight, protection, reliability, electrical performance, maintainability, etc., making vehicle-mounted parts known as crown of power supply. Megmeet has entered the field of new energy vehicles since 2010. It has developed into the company with the most comprehensive solutions of electric vehicle in China through years of technical accumulation and breakthrough.

Regarding safety, it has been the top priority since the birth of vehicle-mounted power supply of Megmeet. Safety and reliability are well ensured varying from the reliability of circuits, the redundancy design to the demanding device selection, the lean control on the quality of the whole manufacturing process based upon MES and the strict test and inspection before leaving the factory.

On-board charger refers to the charger fixed on vehicles, charging electric vehicles safely and automatically. According to the data provided by the battery management system (BMS), the charger can dynamically adjust parameters of the charging current or voltage, charging properly. After rectifying and filtering, alternating current is converted into direct current, realizing charging. It can be used for passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles, light trucks, buses etc..

Megmeet OBC products have been applied in batches in varied domestic best-selling pure electric passenger vehicles. We have been highly praised by consumers and vehicle factories for high reliability and excellent performance of OBC products. Focusing on the future, we will adhere to the principle of customer orientation, forging ahead, providing customers and partners with better quality products, timely and thoughtful service.