Electrical Operation Power Supply

       As the power supply equipment used in the power room, it is also known as power engineering AC, DC power supply and AC, DC screen (cabinet) for short.

      It is mainly used in all levels of substations (stations) and thermal, hydraulic power plants,As control load and power load and DC emergency lighting load power supply, it is the basis of power system control and protection. In the field of rail transit, it is mainly used to provide uninterrupted DC power supply for circuit breakers in the power supply system and for instruments, meters, relay protection and emergency lighting in the secondary circuit.

       Intelligent high-frequency switching DC power supply system consists of AC input and distribution part, rectification part of charging module, voltage reduction part, DC output and feed part, monitoring part and insulation monitoring part.

       Megmeet is committed to providing core rectification modules in power supply system, providing safe and reliable, cost-effective products and services for system integrators.